Outdoor Industry MBA Faculty Research and Publications 

Western's Outdoor Industry MBA faculty are excelling in their fields and we want to highlight the exceptional work that they are completing. 


These publishing from Dr. Mead outline various works of writings from sustainable business development, bioinspiration for business, and biomimicry. Nature-inspired innovation is becoming increasingly more common, and it's important to create sustainable solutions for the future. 

D. Scott Borden released his children's book, Squeak Goes Climbing in Yosemite National Park with illustrations by Mallory Logan. Squeak lives a normal mousey life in her meadow home until she stumbles into a climber’s haul bag and is dragged up El Capitan.  Scared but not alone, other animals try to console her as she struggles to stay positive on her three-day journey. Teach your child about climbing, Yosemite National Park’s natural history and overcoming fears to achieve anything with this ages 2-adult children’s book.

These publishings from Dr. Borden highlight his work in the outdoor industry. Scott's work discusses social marketing, sustainable tourism, and environmental education. 

The Climbing Zine Articles by Dr. Scott Borden 

Scott has been a repeat writer for The Climbing Zine with works including "Colombian Policy", "Are We Born to Climb?", and "Keep Calm and Climb On". These pieces outline Scott's personal experiences with climbing and traveling.